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The polystyrene glass

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The polystyrene glass
The polystyrene glass
Code P066
Height 110(mm)
Diameter 63(mm)
Weight 25(g)
Capacity 250(ml)

The polystyrene glass is a transparent plastic vessel, without a handle, designed for cold and hot drinks: cocktails, juices, kvass, compote, fruit drink, alcoholic and carbonated beverages, etc.

As a rule, plastic cups are more resistant to mechanical influences than their glass counterparts. Widespread use of transparent glasses of food polystyrene found in the public catering sector.

Plastic glasses are an ideal option for cafes with outdoor areas, for summer bars and restaurants, water parks and hotels. In the countryside or in the country, unbreakable glasses are an excellent way out of the situation.

The firm "Med" offers services of manufacturing and realization of plastic glasses, at the most attractive prices. A wide range of plastic dishes produced by the company "Med" allows you to meet any customer needs. The safety, reliability and environmental friendliness of plastic products are confirmed by appropriate sanitary and hygienic permits, we have the necessary certificates and quality certificates for all plastic products.

We produce glasses made of polystyrene colorless solid plastic of crystal structure. The polystyrene glass has a stable shape, sufficient wall thickness has a high hardness and heat resistance, which contributes to comfortable and convenient use.

Polystyrene glass has a number of advantages:

  • modern attractive appearance;
  • safety of use for food;
  • the possibility of application for both cold and hot drinks;
  • when in contact with a hot beverage retains its properties, and does not release toxins;
  • durability;
  • resistance to the erection of chemicals;
  • excellent resistance to shocks - does not beat, does not break, does not crack;
  • compactness and light weight;
  • affordability

There is a flexible system of discounts and favorable terms of cooperation for wholesale buyers.

For more detailed information, please contact the managers of the company "Med", at the numbers indicated on the website.

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