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Manufacturing of furniture’s facade

Manufacturing of furniture’s facade

Manufacturing furniture from wood from medium-density fibreboard and natural wood, one of the services offered by our company. We manufacture and sell various facades for cabinet furniture. Furniture facades are characterized by a wide range of applications. They are used for furniture slides, kitchen doors, front elements of bedroom sets, children's furniture, doors for countertops for office desks and furniture.

Manufacturing of furniture’s facades from solid wood arrays, such as oak and pine, for lovers of natural materials.

Such furniture will give your interior a special appearance, and the ecological purity of raw materials will favorably affect the health and well-being of all the inhabitants of the house. Furniture facades made of natural material can be manufactured in various color variations. This can be a natural, natural texture of the wood material, as well as a material with the effect of antiquity.

Numerous variations of panels of different furniture facades make them suitable, both for design in the traditional classical style and in popular modern trends. A separate decoration of furniture can also serve different types of curved furniture facades, mesh inserts from solid wood, as well as carved balusters. The texture of the tree can be emphasized through toning.

For the manufacture of furniture’s facades, moisture-resistant wood chipboards - medium-density fibreboard or lsp material can also be used as a basis. They represent a well pressed compacted wood fraction, where lignin serves as the main binding element of the fibers. Furniture facades from MDF are characterized by reliable quality, a high degree of resistance to moisture, are not prone to crumbling from kitchen fumes, and most importantly, this material is convenient and practical in work and allows you to make the most diverse form of plates from it. All of the above factors contributed to the rapidly growing popularity of this material.

The process of manufacturing furniture facades begins with the exact cutting of the facade plate. After this, the selected pattern and profile are applied to the ends and the plane of the furniture facade, and then the material is ground. Modern, high-tech equipment and machines can produce profiles of various levels of complexity. The entire surface of the workpieces of furniture facades from MDF or chipboard is thoroughly cleaned of sawdust and dust, after which, no glue is applied. Thanks to special equipment, uniform and smooth heating of the plastic are ensured, which is important in order to ensure that the quality of the furniture facade is as high as possible.

In comparison with natural wood, medium-density fibreboard material is more economical. Our experts will help you to choose the material, color, and also draw a design project for the future facility. If you have any questions, you need more information, please contact our managers at the specified phone numbers.

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