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Laser industrial processing

Laser industrial processing

Laser industrial processing is one of the main modern technologies that find all the frequent use for the treatment of all kinds of materials and decorations. Our company offers the service of the laser processing on various materials such as wood, metal, glass and plastic. This advanced technology is recognized as accurate contour cutting of the above. Working tool of laser cutting is the narrow laser beam, whose power is strictly defined and controlled. The laser beam with high accuracy and high quality clear coating performs complicated geometric shapes. It can be performed on various types of surfaces and on rather bulky products as well.

Until recently, laser industrial processing services were not that popular. However, application of this technology guarantees engraving various components with high accuracy, while the cutting line further processing is not necessary. Due to a special software programming that is used in manufacture, it's possible to create a variety of technology programs for laser engraving, and you can easily import a variety of image information such as sketches, designs, drawings, etc. The manufacture terms depends on complexity level of the order. Laser machining and engraving wood surfaces are used to create all kinds of signs, plaques, business gifts, tags, images (paintings, portraits, etc.).

The key point in the application quality and precise engraving is the type of timber used and direct processing level as well. With this technology, you can order the production of exclusive and unique items that are profitable to differ from die plates and images. Laser industrial processing by our company offers the following range of laser engraving services:

  • Vector cutting of various levels of complexity
  • High-quality and precise engraving on wood, metal and other materials
  • We make number plates , plaques , signs , plaques , etc.
  • Various laser engraving services

The cost of laser treatment services is calculated individually. There are several aspects that are taken into account the material cost, the total engraving area, the material thickness and type of material on which laser engraving is performed. Our company offers additional design services that will help you to develop an original and unique project. If you already have available the digital source files, we accept them as vector Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc. (in the case, the image is represented in any other form , the process of its transformation into vector image is also included in the price)

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