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Laser cutting

Laser cutting

Small manufacturing enterprise "MED" offers custom manufacture of wood products, plastics and other materials using modern laser equipment and technology. Laser cutting - is an accurate, wireless processing material that respects the special clarity the faces of the product. Laser cutting is performed in specially equipped workshops and studios with matched lighting. The project is cut to advance time after being approved by the customer layout.

When processing products from various materials using laser cutting allows saving a lot of time and as a result the work is done much faster. SPE company "MED" offers its clients a prompt, high-quality and affordable service to implement the laser cutting of various materials and products , such as:

  • plates ;
  • pricelist for supermarkets, convenience stores ;
  • Splastic supports/stands for phones, shoes, jewelry shopping malls ;
  • gift cups ;
  • number plates for wardrobe in nightclubs , theaters, fitness centers , etc.;
  • advertising and souvenirs , etc.

Our experts can easily create a detailed layout of the product in accordance with clients preferences and demands. Our specialists will help you to choose a high quality and reliable material that will perform precise and accurate cutting of the product.

Laser cut from the masters of industrial enterprises by "MED " - is a European quality service at the most reasonable and affordable prices. You will get the desired result, the implementation of the work in no time, as well as the highest level of craftsmanship. In addition to performing cutting with laser products, our company offers you a wide range of services for the processing and manufacturing of products from various materials (plastic, wood, etc.) on the machines with numerical control (CNC).

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