The firm "MED"
Private enterprise
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Sales of licensed CD / DVD discs

Firm «Med» is one of the leaders of the domestic market in the production and sale of licensed audio and video products (CD-ROM drive, audio cassettes and video cassettes VHS, the format of Home Video and DVD).

We are the official holders of licenses for production and reproduction of copyright music by album artists of different directions and genres. Strict compliance with all requirements and standards for copyright protection can freely sell licensed audio and video products in a wide retail network.

The range of our company is formed with the light of the changing conjuncture of the market and consumer tastes. Based on the monitoring of customer preferences, our specialists compile and regularly update the popularity rating of own production album «Hit's of the studio Med».

We own the material and technical base for the implementation of the full cycle of production - from recording studios to many thousands of replicating the finished product. The use of finished products and accessories related printing its own production, can significantly reduce the cost of manufactured products. Cover, insert and product packaging best meet the current standards. Thus, for example, CD - albums of our production are equipped with full-color multipage inserts that contain the exclusive text and photos, which are an inherent part of the author's product.

High quality licensed audio-visual company «Med» has repeatedly won recognition of consumers and has received prestigious awards jury of various competitions and exhibitions.

After 15 years of successful work on the market, «Med» is considered as one of the leading companies, recording and Our machines licensed music and video products. Commitment to our customers the confidence of our partners and consistently high quality products we offer - these are the components of success, the combination of which allows dynamically developing enterprises of today and look with confidence to the future.

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