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polythene bags

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polythene bags

Polythene bags keep getting the leading positions in packaging products sphere. This simple and at the same time practical household item helps making our life much easier. Everyday thousands of supermarket chains, stores and plenty of other organizations use plastic bags. Except its main function packages are used as an additional promotional tool. The logo or any other kind of information typed on the bag is an effective and rational marketing strategy that is aimed to promote the trade mark. In comparison with printing materials, plastic bags have long-term life cycle that keeps on working every time the recipient uses it.

Production of plastic bags provides plenty of enterprises with various packages and package materials. Their activity may relate to different spheres such as trade, production of manufactured goods, food, etc.

Plastic film is gaining popularity due to its high performance:

  • Environmentally friendly – may be equally used both for food and manufactured goods. Quality characteristics do not change.
  • Acceptable price
  • Transparency and light weight
  • A wide selection of sizes, shapes and density of packages
  • Ability to print various multicolor logos
  • Printing on plastic bags - from 1 to 6 colors including full color

Our company offers plastic bags of different types "banana", "T-shirt" and plastic bags. All manufactured items are characterized by a high degree of reliability and quality. Production department is equipped with modern automated equipment that in its turn allows accepting orders for manufacturing of plastic bags of varying complexity, regardless of circulation. Our company guarantees fast delivery times and the most favorable prices.

Experience has proven that polythene bags are in great demand during various promotion activities. Branded bags are considered to be practical and modern marketing instrument that helps to introduce any kind of trade mark or organization. In order to drive extra business, various enterprises and business organization performs their production in branded bags with logos. Such corporative giftware not only helps to attract more clients, but allows to localize these companies as a reliable partner.

Total cost of the polythene bags depends on:

  • Circulation
  • Design
  • Pattern’s size
  • Color’s quantity
  • One-side/two-side printing
  • Hand’s type

The use of high-quality colorants allows producing packages and bags of different colors. If you are interested in our production you may contact us via e-mail or telephone. Our sales-managers will provide you all the necessary information as far as polythene items are concerned.

(067) 395-41-88, (0432) 62-05-61, (0432) 62-05-63

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