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Overalls for supermarkets

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Overalls for supermarkets

Overalls for the supermarket , uniform for employees of various enterprises has become an indispensable attribute of corporate style. The presentable appearance of the employee is first of all the face of the organization. Corporate style of the company is a sign of reliability and solidity of the enterprise, which not only monitors the image but also cares about its employees. One of the most striking examples of using the elements of this style in practice is the overalls of health care workers, as well as employees of retail chains, supermarkets and restaurant and hotel personnel. Corporate clothing helps to create a favorable working atmosphere, convenience for employees, contributing to increased work capacity.

The firm "Med" offers tailoring and the creation of various overalls:

  • Overalls for employees of supermarkets/shops
  • Working uniform
  • Medical clothes
  • Cook overalls
  • Winter overalls
  • Summer overalls
  • Overalls/overalls
  • Waistcoats
  • Work coat
  • Pants/jackets
  • Aprons
  • Hats

Branded clothing helps to immediately find and distinguish employees of the company, and consult them for advice. Designers of the company "Med" will develop for you an original layout project that will help to present your company or organization in the most favorable light. The main guidelines for the development of branded uniforms are the color and content of the company's logo. A special decoration of the uniform is a brand symbolism or logo, which can be applied in several ways:

  • Embroidery
  • Screen printing (screen printing)
  • Thermal transfer

Each of the above methods is characterized by its own special characteristics and is selected in accordance with the quality of textiles of the uniform itself. One of the most high-quality and aesthetic methods of application is embroidery, which is able to transfer the smallest parts with high accuracy. Presentable appearance, durability, and beauty, the versatility of application, ideally is transferred to any fabric and product, from a T-shirt to a winter suit.

Originally designed overalls have a positive effect on the company's image. The modern automated equipment allows you to apply images of any level of complexity and replicates them in the required quantities.

Overalls for the supermarket, namely for the employees of the trade network, are an excellent addition to the working style, which will become an additional advertisement and increase the recognition of the trademark. We offer high-quality finished products, at the most affordable prices.

We will execute tailoring of overalls for supermarkets on a turn-key basis!

(096) 807-08-08

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