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Heater for feet

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Heater for feet

This heater was developed by the employees of our company and at the moment has no analogs.

A patent was received for products of this type, as well as a declaration on the compliance of low-voltage electrical equipment, as well as electromagnetic matching.

The foot heater is made of special material. When warming the feet, the sensations resemble a warm stone or a warm wall of the oven. Believe sensations very pleasant!

It's nice to sit at home at the computer or in the workplace and feel that your feet are warm and at the same time you use a minimum of energy (less than an ordinary 20-35W bulb)!

The main advantage of this heater is that it is safe to use!

The heating element is supplied with a voltage of no more than 30 V. All analogs are basically supplied with a voltage of 220 V, which is not good in terms of safety.

Also in the heater, there is a regulator, which allows you to set the temperature you want.


The heating element is located in a composite material with unique properties, it means when the body is in contact with the surface for a short time with a temperature of 100 degrees, the burn does not occur.

Low-voltage, galvanically unconnected power supply of the heating element provides full protection and safety during operation, even if a large amount of moisture is ingested. The entire electronic part of the conversion to low-voltage voltage is combined with the mains plug, where all the control elements are located. And the cable from the control unit is transmitted low-voltage, safe voltage, with a full galvanic isolation from household electricity.

Qualitative indicators:

  • Very low power consumption
  • Ability to select the desired heater temperature
  • Infrared warming of bone tissue (curative prophylactic properties)
  • Maintaining the warm-up effect for a long time
  • Safety (low-voltage supply of the heating element)
  • Insensitivity to ingress of moisture
  • The main technical characteristics:
  • Power supply network AC 50Hz, 220V
  • Complete galvanic isolation with mains supply
  • Voltage, not more than 30V
  • The maximum power is 100W
  • Power adjustment 10 ... 100%
  • Dimensions of the Heating Module 310x310x38mm
  • Weight of the heating module is not more than 5.5 kg

The power adjustment is carried out by the power regulator on the conversion unit combined with the mains plug.

Recommended power in the mode of contact heating of the legs (20 ... 35W), which corresponds to 30…40 C on the surface of the heater.

The maximum power mode is used only to reduce the time to reach the desired temperature mode. This time is 15 ... 30min.

Attention! At maximum power, the surface temperature of the heater can reach 70 ... 90С.

Do not leave unattended for a long time

A warning! People with reduced sensitivity to temperature it is strictly forbidden to use.

Refers to the group of products "Thermo plinth " corresponding to TU U 27.5-20112988-018: 2014

This heater will be a very good gift to your family and friends.

We will be happy to fulfill your order.

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