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Pallet blanks

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Pallet blanks

The firm "Med" offers to buy a pallet blank of natural moisture and 20% moisture through drying at the most favorable prices. We are ready to accept and fulfill any order for the production of quality pallet billets.

The pallet blank can be made in the form of separate elements, as well as a complete set for the purpose of self-assembly by the customer of the pallet. We offer the sale of European quality pallet billets for export.

Our company guarantees:

  • High-quality of finished products;
  • Individual approach to the client;
  • Wide price range

Pallet blanks these are the details of the transport packaging (pallets, tray). Pallets are a platform with a hard base, which is convenient for moving special mechanisms, for storing and transporting a variety of goods. The concept of the euro pallet, pallet and tray is the same type of transport structure.

The pallet billet is classified according to several grades depending on the raw materials used. Thanks to modern high-tech equipment, the pallet blanket is characterized by the optimal ratio of prices and quality.

Cooperation with our company is a reliable partnership for many years.

You can order and buy pallet blank by calling the numbers on the website.

(068) 277-97-97

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