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Cover for the wine production

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Cover for the wine production
Cover for the wine production
Code K153
Diameter 85(mm)
Height 29.5(mm)
Weight 39(g)

Wine the first and most ancient drink obtained by the fermentation of the grape or fruit juices. For the preparation of domestic wine does not necessarily have a diploma of an experienced winemaker. To prepare a tasty and high-quality wine at home, you need to know the recipe and manufacturing technology of the drink, as well as stock up on all the necessary facilities for the production process. God’s elixir can each if desired preparations are a beverage. One such tool is a cover for making wine.

The firm "MED" offers cover for the wine production to order. Our company produces and offers for sale a variety of products for household purposes trays, bowls, shovels, buckets, soap dishes, etc. All manufactured products meet the required standards and regulations.

We produce caps for wine production of high-quality food grade plastic, on the modern automated equipment. The plastic used to produce the cover completely ecological and non-toxic material that is completely harmless to human health and does not affect the taste of wine.

Covers for the manufacture of wine production firm "MED" are characterized by a number of positive characteristics, including:

  • characterized by high density and softness at the same time;
  • easily and securely be mounted on the neck of the bottle in the first closing;
  • retain tightness do not allow bacteria to penetrate into the bottle and spoil the drink;
  • with manual capping bottles, open effortlessly, thanks to a special eyelet;
  • allow the output generated by fermentation of carbon dioxide;
  • have appropriate sanitary certificates and passports of quality;
  • low cost

Plastic covers for wine production will allow your drink mature, as well as to improve their taste and aromatic qualities.

To order plastic covers for the manufacture of wine, please contact the managers of the company "MED" the contact phone numbers.

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