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Cover for preserving

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Cover for preserving
Cover for preserving
Code K150
Diameter 85.5(mm)
Height 14.5(mm)
Weight 10(g)

Cover for preserving I-Kg 8-82 is used for harvesting vegetables and salads from them when preparing preserves from berries (jam, fruit juice) and meat of animals or fish. The peak of sales is the period from the middle of summer to the first half of autumn when the bulk of the harvest of berry, fruit and vegetable crops is carried out.

Cover for preserving is made from food polymers, which for many years of operation do not change their qualities, do not affect the taste of the canned product. The lid for preserving is made of thick-layered plastic, it has a relief shape, due to which it reliably and tightly rolls the jar, creating a vacuum inside. The useful life of the preserved product depends on its type, composition, method and time of treatment.

The production is carried out in production facilities equipped with modern automatic and semi-automatic equipment, which, in combination with strict step-by-step control, ensures an impeccable quality of the products that have been trusted by end-users for more than 15 years. All names of products produced by the company "Med", including lids for preserving, have sanitary and hygienic conclusions and quality certificates.

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