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Cover mayonnaise

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Price: 1,50 грн.
Cover mayonnaise
Cover mayonnaise
Code K155
Diameter 62(mm)
Height 12.5(mm)
Weight 6(g)

Cover mayonnaise is a household item that almost every woman has to be used for commercial purposes. This cover is used for storage and transportation of mayonnaise.

The firm "MED" offers production of mayonnaise caps on request. We make the cover of hygienic, environmentally friendly high-density polyethylene. The material used is non-toxic and intended for the manufacture of products in contact with food. On all manufactured plastic products we have required a passport quality and sanitary-hygienic conclusions.

Sealed plastic cover of the food has excellent flexibility and durability. This cover is easy to attach to the mayonnaise jar, as well as quick and easy to remove, thanks to a special eyelet. Mayonnaise lid is designed to close the small cans of 250 ml.

The lid seals the mayonnaise jar, which allows for long preserve the freshness of the product and prevents the spread of odors in the refrigerator.

Cover mayonnaise made by the firm "MED" has a number of positive characteristics, including:

  • safety for human health;
  • simple operation;
  • suitability for contact with food;
  • ergonomic shape;
  • elasticity and high strength;
  • it does not deform at high and low temperatures;
  • it does not react with the contents of the banks;
  • it does not rust;
  • be washed in the dishwasher;
  • cheapness.

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