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Drain cover

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Drain cover
Drain cover
Code K152
Diameter 85(mm)
Height 28(mm)
Weight 13(g)

In everyday life is often the hostess faced with the need to drain fluid from the various major impurities. In such situations, an indispensable assistant is a drain cover.

The firm "MED" produces custom drain cover. We make the cover of the cleaner, the food of high-density polyethylene, with the strictest quality control, using modern automated equipment, which is equipped with our productive base. Drain cap safe in the event of contact with food has the necessary sanitary-hygienic conclusions.

Drain cover a practical hardware item that is common to a standard plastic cap jar with holes only.

Drain cover occupies a worthy place among the variety of kitchen accessories. These cover different ergonomic shape they have drain holes and nose, which simplifies the process of transfusion, directing a jet of fluid. Such covers are pushed onto the neck of the banks and not peel off spontaneously. In the case of opening cans, drain cover can be easily removed thanks to a special eyelet, which is convenient for the pull.

Plastic drain cover has the good endurance to changes at different temperatures, so it can be used for both cold and hot liquids. Basically, this cap is used for straining compotes, to berries do not fall into the cup.

  • contact the suitability of food;
  • high strength and flexibility;
  • ergonomic shape;
  • simple operation;
  • It does not react with chemicals salt solutions, acids, etc;
  • It does not deform at high or low temperatures;
  • be washed in the dishwasher;
  • low cost

Order the drain cover can be managers of the company "MED" at the contact numbers listed on the site.

Wholesale and regular customers, we offer special conditions of cooperation.

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