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Jar cover

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Jar cover
Jar cover
Code K151
Diameter 85(mm)
Height 14.5(mm)
Weight 10(g)

Jar cover is made from granules of high-pressure food polyethylene (PHP). Polyethylene covers are used for the preparation /preservation of products at home. This method of preservation is carried out by the hot spill and does not require heat treatment after sealing in glass jars. In addition, lids for jars are used for transporting and transporting products (including liquid ones), for their temporary storage, in unofficial and non-traditional conditions, can be served on the table together with the can and the product to be stored. In such cases, the function of the lid for cans is to prevent ventilation and prolong the useful life of the product.

The company "Med" offers covers for jars of the following varieties:

  • for preserving, tight-fitting throat jar;
  • for a jar of ordinary PETH;
  • drain cover with holes and spout, guiding stream;
  • for making wine with a cork, fulfills the function of a water seal;
  • over mayonnaise, sour cream;
  • cover mayonnaise for small jars of 250 ml.

Covers for jars produced by the company "Med" are made from environmentally friendly raw materials, have sanitary and hygienic permits and quality certificates.

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