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Saw timber

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Saw timber

Saw timber traditionally called wood products that are used in the repair and construction industry. Wood is one of the most durable and reliable construction materials, which are characterized by high technical and mechanical characteristics. The main advantages of such a wood its environmental friendliness, durability, and versatility of use. Wood products range from simple building rails and finishing with luxury furniture.

The firm "MED" manufacturing enterprise, specializing in the manufacture and sale of various products from the wood. Among the proposed assortment of products:

  • Edged / unedged
  • Rail
  • Timber
  • We also offer wood products and timber products, such as:
  • Block-house
  • Board-floor
  • Wooden wall paneling

Manufacturing of sawn timber debugged on a modern automated equipment, which allows a short time to perform a wide range of services for the production of various products from the wood. Prices compare favorably with the prices of other companies, as we are manufacturers. All the wood is delivered to the sawmill from ecologically clean regions of Ukraine and undergoes a thorough quality control. Automated high-tech machines, well and efficiently processed wood, making it a reliable building material of the first grade.


Edged it is board characterizes the longitudinal cutting of the log, which cut off the edges, which are covered with bark. As a result, we obtained a smooth board, by means of which produce a variety of internal and external cladding work. Quite often edged board is used as walls, ceilings, and floors. Traditionally, for the manufacture of this product is used pine and spruce.


Unedged it is board with longitudinal sawing logs, at which the coating has not removed the bark. Typically, they are not used for decorative purposes, for example for plating, decks, i.e. where there is no need to comply with any aesthetic parameters. For the manufacture of these boards use coniferous wood, rarely deciduous.

Wooden deal board

The wooden deal board is one of the most popular and relevant building materials to be used for covering both internal and external surfaces. The modern siding at times superior to its predecessor, and it shows not only in quality but also in appearance. Smooth, smooth surface complements any interior, but will also help to quickly and easily solve the problem of uneven surfaces. Practical in operation, frost resistant, it can not be influenced by external aggressors.


Flooring is a traditional type of flooring, is classified as the most reliable and durable materials. Made of solid pine and spruce, is suitable for the decoration of country houses, cottages, offices, etc. Products are characterized by high technical characteristics, such as moisture resistance, durability, etc.

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