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The deal board for sauna

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The deal board for sauna

The deal board for sauna is made by our company on modern equipment.

We offer a wide range of materials for the construction and finishing the sauna. Many years of experience in the production of building materials from natural wood allows us to enter the market and be competitive. All lumber produced on the basis of our company meets the quality standards.

There are several types of saunas that customers can order. The first type is a sauna built into a particular building, or a more expensive option building a sauna in a separate room. With this construction, it is important to use only quality timber: log, beam, lining and a variety of boards.

The most suitable material for making such a deal board is a linden.

The deal board for sauna made on the basis of our woodworking shop of our company is of high-quality and stability. In our firm, you can buy any building materials from a tree without trading extra charges, as you get directly from the manufacturer. In addition, our company accepts individual orders for the manufacture of certain types of materials. The deal board is used not only to decorate the sauna room from the inside, but also from the outside.

The peculiarity of the sauna is its temperature regime and constant high humidity. Not every type of wood can withstand such operating conditions. In such conditions, important factors are not only the quality of the deal board but also fasteners. At the back of the deal board must be a heat compensator and steam ducts. All these measures will prevent the earlier decay of the deal board or the appearance of the fungus.

If our client decided to line the sauna with the deal board, you should calculate how much material is needed for the work. The amount of material may depend on the vertical or horizontal arrangement of the strips, the presence of additional construction.

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