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DVD boxes

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DVD boxes
DVD boxes
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DVD boxes

Among the wide range of audio / video accessories firm «Med» produces and sells plastic DVD box (DVD box). Your favorite movies, music and fascinating collection of computer games will be in order now. Fold the disks in the DVD box and forget about the mess on the desktop. The disks can be easily found, because the box for the DVD, you can sign and neatly folded on a shelf or on a special support for disks. With their help, you can not only organize discs, but also protect them from damage and dust. Plastic DVD boxes are much more durable than paper envelopes containing the disc, now and then ready to burst at the most inopportune moment.

At home at office, and a trip DVD boxes are necessarily useful, so they stacked discs - the best way to transport them. So you will be sure that the disc is not corrupt in the bag, among other things.

DVD Boxes are made of modern materials and are absolutely safe, meet all quality requirements. Boxes on one or two disks are performed in large size for the visual differences from the CD boxes. It is possible to invest booklets in the DVD boxes . They also have convenient latches, allow you to easily get the disk from the box.

Buy DVD Box is very simple - please contact your sales outlets firm «MED» or, in case of bulk purchases - in the office.

Manufacturer SPE firm "MED"
Adress: Nemirovskoe shose 201а

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