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Disposable teaspoons

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Disposable teaspoons
Disposable teaspoons
Code P087
Length 112(mm)
Width 24(mm)
Height 5(mm)
Weight 2(g)
Capacity 1.5(ml)

Disposable teaspoons for today are very popular and in high demand. Plastic teaspoons are widely used in organizing corporate holidays and picnics.

At the cottage, plastic teaspoons are an ideal option for a friendly tea party. Disposable teaspoons are effectively used for family celebrations, banquets or receptions outside the city. Teaspoons made of plastic have an attractive appearance and a rather low cost. Such cutlery allows you to solve the issue of table layout in the most economical and practical way.

Plastic disposable teaspoons are convenient and practical, both for buyers and sellers. This is the best solution for catering companies for cafes or vending machines, fast food restaurants, street snack kiosks, etc.

The firm "Med" offers services for the manufacture and sale of disposable teaspoons to order. We produce all disposable dishes using modern automated technologies, with the strictest quality control, from high-quality nutritional plastic, so plastic teaspoons are absolutely safe for human health. All the produced plastic dishes have the necessary quality passports and sanitary and hygienic conclusions, which indicate the suitability of the dishes for contact with food.

Disposable teaspoons of plastic are used not only for stirring sugar in tea, but also for scooping and transporting loose, powdery foods, as well as for liquid or semi-liquid food. Often in culinary recipes, teaspoons are mentioned as a measure of volume, it is accepted that a similar spoon can hold 5 ml.

A plastic teaspoon made by the company "Med" is characterized by excellent strength and elasticity, as well as high thermal stability and resistance to chemical influences.

You can order disposable teaspoons by contacting the managers of the company "Med". We guarantee an excellent balance of product quality and price.

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