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Disposable spoons

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Disposable spoons
Disposable spoons
Code P085
Length 170(mm)
Width 40(mm)
Height 11(mm)
Weight 6(g)
Capacity 10(ml)

Disposable spoons are very popular today, especially in fast foods, cafes, eateries, canteens, kindergartens, schools, boarding schools, camps, hospitals, when organizing trips to nature, as well as in other places that are properly unsuited for food.

Disposable spoons are cutlery, very much in demand by those who do not have time, or simply do not like the procedure for washing dishes. Such devices do not require the presence of hot water, no care, hassle. After use, just throw them into the urn.

Disposable spoons , as well as other items of disposable tableware produced by our company, are mainly made from environmentally friendly and safe polypropylene. The polypropylene used is heat-resistant, which makes it possible to use plastic devices for hot dishes. When the hot dish is in contact with the plastic surface of the disposable spoons, there is no migration of toxic substances, which is confirmed by periodic laboratory tests.

Disposable spoons produced by the company "Med" are characterized by:

  • High mechanical strength;
  • Elasticity, preventing the destruction of the load;
  • Safety for human health.

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