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Plastic basin

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The plastic basin made by the firm "Med" is made in two versions: a volume of 20 liters and 30 liters, and various color options: pink, blue, red, green.

Plastic basin general purpose is widely used in the household and home life. Convenient and practical in use, can be used, both for storage of food products and their transportation, and for domestic use. The pelvis is plastic, a necessary thing that is widely used in apartments, houses, cottages and other premises.

Our company has many years of experience in the production of plastic products, and we guarantee the highest quality product that will serve you for many years. Production workshops for the manufacture of plastics, equipped with modern technical equipment, which allows you to produce a quality product in a short time. Here you can find a reliable product that meets all the necessary specifications, a large range of products, products, as well as the most favorable prices, which are advantageously different from the prices of other firms because we are manufacturers and work without intermediaries. We offer favorable conditions to wholesale buyers and a convenient payment system.

(067) 468-20-20,(067) 432-08-01, (067) 432-07-83

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