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Thermo plinth 1,0 / 220-1g

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Thermo plinth 1,0  / 220-1g

Until recently, there was simply no alternative to "gas." We do not appreciate what is cheap. And they were not ready to live in the cold during the cold season. All construction and heating systems were oriented towards cheap energy resources.

Just yesterday, no one could imagine that it was possible to compare "gas" with "electricity."

But, let's look at the tariffs and contents of our wallets:

The price of "gas" kW * hours with minimum tariffs of 0.13Grn, "Electricians" - 0.237Grn. Prices are comparable in the first order. But the gas heating system is tied to the convection principle, and this is a very big loss. With the "electrician" everything is simple: equipment - many times cheaper, reliability, management and an inexhaustible list of operational advantages.

Today, in fact, - during the cold period we warm the street.

Can we afford this? - NO!

Can we do without gas?

The answer is unequivocal - YES!

There is a problem in this, but also a salvation. We have a unique opportunity to make a choice. There are many alternatives, solutions are the same.

The Chinese proverb says: "The worst thing is to live in an age of change."

But it is at such stages that evolutionary development takes place.

What we offer is one of the correct and simple solutions:

How for our very moderate income to provide ourselves with warmth and comfort?

"Thermo plinth" 1,0 / 220

It is an electric appliance of stationary heating on the principle of tempering.

Unlike traditional convection heating during tempering, the source of heat is soft infrared radiation. In nature, it is the heat from the stone heated by the sun.

This principle of heating is not new, but because of commercial interests, it is deliberately leveled.

What is tempering? Everything is quite simple, albeit unusual. The source of heat is the walls. At the same time, moisture is removed from the walls, mold is removed, thermal insulation properties are improved (the thermal conductivity coefficient can decrease several times) and heat is accumulated.

In addition, no one pays attention to such a common physical phenomenon as evaporation. In houses with wet walls, moisture constantly evaporates from internal surfaces with an intensity of up to 0.15 liters per hour per square meter. At a temperature of 200 ° C, for evaporation of one liter of water, more than 800 W * h of energy is required. Here you have unaccounted losses.

This can be avoided if the heating is used on the principle of tempering.

"Thermo plinth" -1.0 / 220

It is a new innovative development that allows solving a set of problems for very moderate costs. It should be more correctly called, not a heating device, but a complex consisting of a group of heating modules, a control unit, switching elements and fasteners.

In the central region of Ukraine, houses are being maintained and even built in traditionally popular style. These are adobe or clay blocks (adobe) houses. Such structures, despite a number of shortcomings, have high-performance indicators.

For heating of such structures, round heating modules UNM-4b, stylized under clay plates, are used. They can be equipped with elements of artistic painting in thematic or national style.

With the usual heating, "raw clay" eventually changes its shape and houses are subject to "slipping".

If the clay is maintained in a dry state (heated by the principle of tempering), the settling of the structure is practically eliminated, fungi (mold) do not develop.

This is what the owners of the "old" houses dream about.

Control block

Unlike traditional thermostats, the supplied control unit, which is equipped with Thermo plinth, provides not only the function of thermal regulation but also the direct adjustment of power.

Free choice of the desired mode significantly expands the operational capabilities.

An important qualitative indicator is that the management of the selected modes works without interference and meets the most stringent requirements of the European: DSTU CISPR 14-1: 2004, DSTU CISPR 14-2: 2007, DSTU EN 61000-3-3: 2004, DSTU ІЕС 61000 -3-2: 2004 and even the German standard.


Calculation of heating on the principle of tempering

Usually, the required power is calculated at the rate of 1 kWh per 10 m2 at a satisfactory degree of warming. In our case, as practice shows and theoretical justification, the maximum power of 500 W * h per 10m2 is sufficient. This value determines the capacity of the heating system. So for a house with an area of ​​100m2, 5kW is enough.

When using "Thermo plinth" we have the opportunity to control the temperature on a local level in any part of the house and at the right time. This approach allows you to reduce many times the power consumption. So for, even a poorly "insulated" house, in the central part of Ukraine energy consumption will be 50 ... 150 kWh per 10m2 in the heating season.

In comparison with other electric heating systems, "Thermo plinth" 2 ... 3 times more economical.

Anyone who uses Thermo plinth, in addition to direct economic benefits, receives comfortable conditions - there is no mold on the walls and there is no high humidity.

Installation of the heating system "Thermo plinth"

Without professional equipment, it is impossible to mount a system of any heating with an operational resource in the tens of years. Therefore, the mandatory condition for the developers of "Thermo plinth" was the condition - "turnkey".

"Thermo plinth"1.0 / 220 does not enter the retail network. Its acquisition and installation can be ordered from regional representatives.

Authorization documents

"Thermo plinth" -1.0 / 220 is manufactured according to TU U 27.5-20112988-018: 2014

Meets the requirements:

DSTU IEC 60335-2-30: 2004 (IEC 603055-2-30: 2002, IDT);

Electromagnetic compatibility - DSTU CISPR 14-1: 2004, DSTU CISPR 14-2: 2007, DSTU EN 61000-3-3: 2004, DSTU ІЕС 61000-3-2: 2004;

Fire safety - GOST 12.1.004;

Conclusion of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Expertise:

№05.03.02-07 / 6767 of 03.02.2014.

Declaration of Conformity No. UA.014.D.00058-14 of 03.24.2014

Distinctive features of Thermo plinth:

  • Do not be afraid of overheating;
  • Does not require grounding;
  • Works at reduced voltage;
  • Does not interfere with the mains;
  • Adjustment of temperature, and power consumption;
  • On contact does not lead to burns;
  • Warranty on the product and installation.

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