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Furniture and cabinetry are company’s main activity. Our own hand inventory, high-quality production, extra-ordinary selection for every room and every decision. Low price guarantee. We take a simple and easy approach towards business. We create and manufacture of our own wooden products to give you quality furniture and favorable prices. We are trying to focus our efforts in three areas: creative design, product quality and design.

Product’s quality. Building furniture with some solid wood can create some challenges. One should take several factors into consideration: the value of the furniture: solid wood furniture lasts longer and holds its value much better than cheaper material, increasing in resale value over time; the natural beauty of the wood – nothing can compare to the natural patina that appears over time. Wood oils change its density and hue, creating a unique beautiful look that keeps getting only better.

Furniture is a crucial factor that determines the beauty and the comfort of your house. Whether it is dining room or kitchen one should think over design and proper material. Cabinet furniture serves numerous needs, starting as storage up to ornament. Nowadays there are plenty of various materials that are in demand. But if you are looking for a real look, you should choose wood. More and more people prefer contemporary designs that are modified with some glass or metal ornaments. No matter what material you are using the furniture is supposed to be multi functional. Any furniture made of glass is perfect to function as a display cabinet which is suitable for children’s room or kitchen.

Furniture or cabinetry can be made up of individual hard parts: that is chest of drawers, different racks, cabinets, tables, cabinets, etc. We produce case furniture made of wood and MDF. This material is becoming more popular due to its technical and mechanical characteristics that allow making furniture and facades of various designs, with various levels of complexity. Customer may choose design, color and type of material. In comparison with natural wood furniture MDF furniture is not that expensive and economically profitable. However, wooden furniture is still in high demand. Wood is not only the most durable material but a natural beauty as well. This truly elite piece of furniture will last for many years without losing its natural beauty and over the years this furniture becomes more valuable.

Our team is ready to create any product you like. All that is required from you is the exact size of your room and a description or your vision of the project. Our experts will help you to choose the best option. While choosing furniture one should take into consideration furniture’s size and the total area of the premises.

(068) 277-97-97

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