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Children's furniture to order by company “MED”. Our company offers its clients production of furniture for children's rooms. The issue of selection of such furniture is quite complicated, where a number of definite notions and options should be taken into consideration. Furniture should contain an unlimited number of different functions. Children's room, not just a room, it's child's personal space in which it is important to feel oneself as comfortable and confident as possible.

Children's furniture to order and the children’s room itself in the first place should be as functional as possible. This implies that it is necessary to think carefully about how to properly and practically make this room. Children's room is a place where the baby is resting, doing homework and play. That is why it is important to think through all the details concerning the design of furniture and its future location. Children's furniture to order - the most rational solution to the problem with registration of the design, as you will be able to select and order exactly the furniture that fits your personal style.

Ideally, children's room should contain bed, a wardrobe, a computer or desk, various shelves, drawers and shelving. Based on the total area of ​​the room, you will be able to calculate how to create the exact project on request. As a rule, a children's furniture extends the maximum number of requirements. One of the main requirements is the ecological purity of the material from which the furniture is made of. Followed by the strength of the material, the minimum number of sharp corners, and of course, the furniture should fit the child's growth. The height of the shelves and handles of cabinets, drawers, must be placed at the level at which a child can independently get his desired objects and things.

Children’s custom-made furniture should be ergonomic, safe and comfortable for your child. You can pick up an interesting artistic details, bright colors and original drawings. Our company offers the manufacture of children's furniture to order from MDF and solid wood. The layout of the project will be designed according to your requirements and wishes. Our designers offer you the options of the project. We offer our customers not only high-quality and timely production of the order, but also the best prices because we are the manufacturers and work without intermediaries.

To order the furniture feel free to contact our managers. If you have any questions, please call the listed phone numbers and we will provide you with all the information you need.

(068) 277-97-97

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