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MDF fronts production – is one of the most practical and rational choices nowadays. Low price, ease of handling, the possibility of choosing any color and design - all this makes this material very popular. If you have enough material and time resources, in order to enjoy and develop a new project of your furniture, whether it's a bedroom, living room, nursery or kitchen. Moreover, you do not need to have the experience and desire to contact with such troubles because there is a simple and easy way out - instead of buying a new headset, you can easily radically change the look of your furniture, changing facade.

Production of MDF facades is made using special MDF that is produced by the dry-pressing wood chips under high temperature and pressure. Lignin - a natural material is characterized as the main connecting element, the allocation of which is heated by wood. It is necessary to emphasize an important point, namely, ecological purity of raw materials - in MDF boards do not apply dangerous and harmful to human health phenol and epoxy resin.

Production of MDF facades is becoming increasingly popular service on the domestic market. Positive operational and technical characteristics, the possibility of stamping surfaces, special processing, and environmental cleanliness - all this makes this kind of product suitable and attractive for the production of high-quality, durable and reliable furniture. Quite often, MDF facades are used for the production of kitchen furniture as they endure great impact cooking couple - do not warp or swell. Widely used, the material is also for the production of furniture fronts, as the MDF on the mechanical characteristics and the level of water-resistance are superior characteristics of natural wood. In turn, this indicates hygiene and safety at home - a high resistance to numerous microorganisms and fungi.

Our company uses a wide range of eco-friendly and high-quality materials and raw materials. New, modern process technology material, combined with their natural properties, helps to create a high quality product. All orders for the production of MDF facades are performed in the shortest possible terms. Reasonable prices and a convenient payment form. We offer products of European quality. MDF facade will give your interior a unique look and create a special atmosphere. If you are interested in the service of manufacturing MDF facades, please contact our managers via phone. You will be given all the necessary information and answers to your questions.

(068) 277-97-97

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