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Kitchen furniture to order of our company is a high-quality, reliable product. The kitchen is not just a place where the food is cooked. This is a room where breakfasts, dinners, tea parties, family and friendly gatherings are organized.

Kitchen furniture to order is a convenient and simple option to choose the right model of the furniture. You can calculate and adjust the furniture with the exact sizes of the general area of ​​your kitchen, and create exclusive model project that will match all your requirements. Which items should be considered when choosing kitchen furniture? Start with the basics - how much space you are willing to dedicate to the furniture, and how much space should be left to the free space. Then you should decide which compartments, cabinets and shelves will accommodate a kitchen furniture to order. This in turn will help to determine the placement of the workplace, namely, in what order you'd like to place the stove, refrigerator, sink and a cutting table. Perhaps you'd like to make a special project of individual objects, such as a folding table for a small child, or to create a special place for feeding a pet, etc.

Kitchen furniture to order by "MED" is a proven and guaranteed quality. We manufacture a tank material of wood and MDF. Wood material that is used in the production is dried thoroughly and accurately processed by special structures that protect the furniture from external influences. Broad popular as MDF, which has established itself as a strong and reliable structure is a borne material. MDF - a versatile material that is easily and quickly processed and then covered with a variety of materials. You can choose any color you like and order any form.

Kitchen furniture involves adherence to certain rules of design and ergonomics. As a general rule, regardless of the manufactured material for kitchen furniture should be primarily functional and create the highest level of comfort and service. This will at the same time solve the problem of the aesthetic appearance. Speaking of functionality, there should pay special attention to the configuration of the lower and upper cabinets. These factors are important for the lady of the kitchen to be fast and easy to navigate in this room.

Kitchen furniture to order is one of the leading specialties of our company. We use the equipment, with which is possible to manufacture high quality furniture with different design solutions. Our customers can choose the appropriate structure-borne material, fittings and accessories. We offer manufacturing of complex design projects as well as furniture economy class by the most fit you online. To order or for more information, contact our managers on the phone numbers that are displayed on the web-site.

(068) 277-97-97

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