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Manufacture of numerous models of office furniture – is one of the leading activities of the company "MED." We offer our customers high-quality manufacturing services, where the office furniture is the leading area. Our company offers the most competitive prices due to the fact that we are the manufacture-company. There is no middlemen only direct cooperation with the client. The most reasonable prices, high quality items and the shortest terms of order-making - all this you can find here.

Office furniture is based on the modern automatic equipment that enables to produce cabinet kitchen furniture of economy class, as well as prestigious models. We offer the manufacture of furniture in the executive offices, stands for reception rooms, furniture for full-time staff, a massive conference tables, and all office furniture for individual projects. Office furniture should be ergonomic, functional, durable and comfortable. Particular attention should be paid to the design, which is has to emphasize the company's business style.

Office furniture includes a selection of high-quality raw materials. Typically office furniture is used by companies and businesses for a long period of time. It is important to use only harmless material not to make any harm for the employees’ health etc. The material must correspond to all established environmental requirements. Our company has all the necessary certificates that prove the material’s safety and quality. During our work in the furniture manufacturing area, we possess a great variety of analyses that concerns the level and direction of consumer demand, our company offers customers the most practical and functional solutions for the production of office furniture. In this case, we do not forget to consider the most important notion - the "price-quality".

We offer the most simple and favorable conditions of the order to our clients. Our managers will provide an individual approach to each client, which can be fully taken into account, and then play exactly in the furniture that will fit their corporate style of the company. We offer only reliable and high quality furniture that is durable and provides a long life service.

If you are not completely undecided office furniture, do not come up with its design as well as grammatical location and zoning, please contact our manager that will provide you with the information on the proposed range, special orders and prices.

(068) 277-97-97

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