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Proper positioning of various goods has been a crucial point for the attraction of the customers attention and improves the aesthetic appearance of products at the same time, saving area of the shopping areas, which is very important for both large supermarkets and small shops, as well as an effective tool for increasing sales and an increase in expected income. Due to the comfortable and functional racks and shelves there are plenty of splendid opportunities for the demonstration of the quality of the goods in their original form. Practical and colorful commercial furniture creates favorable environment for customers and staff of the various shopping centers. No need to forget that it also harmoniously blends with any interior supermarkets, as well as an original and unique look in the shops. Qualitatively produced commercial furniture creates the effect of perfection, raising the reputation of the shop, as well as consumer goods characteristics.

The company "MED" is specialized in production of commercial equipment for a variety of commercial properties. Commercial furniture production of our company is being produced in accordance with all required euro quality standards and is environmentally safe and friendly. Due to modern high-tech equipment our specialist are capable to create and produce commercial furniture of diverse configurations and sizes in accordance with client’s needs and preferences.

We offer the services of experienced designers who will promptly and efficiently develop various models of commercial furniture, in accordance with the principles of merchandising and technical aspects such as weight, size and color of the goods supplied. Professionally selected and properly installed business equipment helps the client to focus on a wide range of products, as well as its consumer properties. This equipment is an effective way to attract customer’s attention as commercial furniture is able to effectively perform the function of external publicity, without taking up extra space.

(068) 277-97-97

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