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Processing on CNC

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Production Enterprise firm "MED" offers a wide range of professional services of wood products processing and its production ( siding , flooring, decorative boards , moldings , windows , doors, furniture components ) , plastic film, Plexiglas and other materials that is made on the machines with numerical control ( CNC ). It is also proposed accurate and precise application of laser engraving on materials of various types (including stone, glass) lined furniture film.

Our technical arsenal contains :

  • Automatic vacuum press ;
  • Four-sided planer woodworking lathe ;
  • Vacuum press for curved facades;
  • Laser CNC machine ;
  • Woodworking CNC router ;
  • Headrig slabber;
  • Band saw ;
  • Modular dryer " Zion."

Processing on CNC machines allows you to configure and display various modes for automatic and semi-automatic processing , set the parameters of product quality, as clearly as possible to execute even the most complex technical elements in the processing without human intervention. Machines are served by the highly qualified specialists with long experience. The main advantage of using CNC machines - guaranteed high quality products, as well as 100% compliance with all specified parameters and requirements.

Our milling and laser woodworking machines allow to produce and process products of high European quality in compliance with all environmental and health standards. Building materials, furniture and other wooden products are always made ​​exactly pretty, do not include wastes and flaws.

For any additional information regarding orders for the manufacture and processing of products on the machines of the latest generation feel free to contact our managers of commercial or industrial departments. Company “MED" always guarantees a high quality of their work and provides its customers with the best service at the most affordable prices.

(097) 990-76-40

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