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Our company makes a huge amount of various garments that we use in everyday life. Towels are a bright representative of the products of our sewing workshop. We produce a variety of types of towels terry towels of different sizes and colors, waffle towels, children's towels. Our products are known far beyond the Vinnytsia’s region, which has provided us with a good reputation. Demand for towels does not decrease since without this production it is difficult to imagine our life.

We often have to face such a problem: we bought a very beautiful towel made abroad, which after one wash completely loses its appearance and becomes shapeless. In our production, we use the only high-quality material. Thanks to this, our towels look like new, even after a few items of washing. In the market for modern textiles, our products take the leading places in the ratings. Towels of different sizes and different colors can be purchased at our company's outlets or ordered on the Internet. We can offer summer and winter versions of towels - warm towels, beach towels, kitchen towels and other types. In addition, we produce gift sets of towels, timed to different holidays. Such a gift will be positively evaluated and will not be a dead weight on a shelf of unnecessary things. Such a gift will remind of family comfort and home.

In addition to gift towels, we carry out orders for the sewing of exclusive parties of towels for hotels, boarding houses and recreation centers. Especially for our customers we produce towels of a certain size, and also provide services for their subsequent processing. So, for hotels, we can offer drawing on the finished product a logo or a picture. The embroidered pattern will serve as a good advertisement for your company, hotel, boarding house or recreation center.

In addition to sewing towels, we are also engaged in their implementation in the retail network. If you want to order from us a wholesale batch of towels, you can safely count on a discount. For questions concerning the manufacture of exclusive batches of towels, towels for order, purchase of towels and drawing a variety of images on them, please contact the phones listed on the website. You will receive professional advice and comprehensive information on the issue that interests you.

(096) 807-08-08

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