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Bag - it's not only one of the most important accessories of every wardrobe. Most likely it is a vital thing that was created especially for women in the first place. Handbags can be quite different: business bag, casual bag, leather bag, beach bag, clutch etc. As you can see – there are plenty of numerous options. Different sizes, shapes, fabrics and styles and all of it is extremely important. One has to a woman in order to understand it correctly.

Our company offers custom sewing bags made of various fabrics and in numerous models:

  • eco-bags;
  • promotional bags;
  • bags for the conference;
  • bags with the logo;
  • cloth bags;
  • gift bags;
  • smart packaging for souvenirs;
  • beach bags;
  • and many other kinds of bags

Bags made by our company are products that have a practical nature as well as advertising and can also act as a souvenir item.

Sewing bags are made in the sewing workshop of our company. We make fabric bags of environmentally friendly and high-quality material, which is an excellent alternative to tearing, short-lived paper and plastic bags. We offer a wide selection of fabric bags of various colors, sizes and shapes to order.

Sewing bags (eco-bag, promotional bag, gift packaging bags with logo) made of a soft and lightweight fleece, which also is called - spunbond. It is a bright, durable and breathable material, pleasant to touch, which is perfect for this type of product.

A bag made of cloth is used not only as a container for the products; it is also fashionable and aesthetic accessory that fits almost any clothes. This easy-to-use bag for every day - always looks fashionable and practical. To produce fabric bags we use cotton, polypropylene and nylon. These bags are becoming more popular and in great demand, especially during the summertime when the scorching rays of the sun make the dress in light, loose clothing. Consequently, and accessories should be befitting.

Recently, gift bags, have been widely used by companies as a matter of brand attributes, as a package of branded gifts. Products packed in branded gift bag will evoke the quality and solidity. In addition such a bag is in itself a mini-gift, as your customer can use it for a long time. When applying the logo to gift pouch, it also perform the function of media advertising your company, reminding the consumer about your company.

Our company is offering custom sewing bags and coat them branding or logo. Favorable conditions for cooperation, a flexible system of discounts to wholesalers and a high quality of finished products at the most favorable prices.

(096) 807-08-08

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