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Printing of notebooks

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Printing of notebooks

The notebook is a common printing product that is used in almost all spheres of life. It is pleasant for any person to have in hands a beautiful and neat notebook, which will be made in accordance with his requests and expectations.

The printing of notebooks is carried out in accordance with the individual design that our customers provide. In our time, even with modern office equipment, we can not do without this kind of printing products.

To our clients we offer two variants of making notebooks:

  • digital printing;
  • offset printing.

Offset printing is suitable for those who decided to order large quantities of products. This way of printing notebooks will be quite cheap and affordable. As a result of its use, the client receives attractive notebooks made of high-quality material. Printing notebooks using a digital printer makes it possible to get a much sharper image, but it does not allow producing large batches.

In the manufacture of notebooks, we use all the advice and requirements of our customers. For companies and various organizations, we offer the manufacturing of notebooks in corporate colors using corporate symbols. Logos can be developed by the designers of our company on the order of the client. In addition, the symbolism of your company can be used on each page of the notebook. The work of the designer is paid according to the complexity of the order. Print notepads carried out on high-quality paper from the world's leading manufacturers. For the production of covers, our company uses different types of films. After the printed processing of the notebook can be covered with a special lacquer cover. We offer notebooks on staples or convenient notebooks in the spring.

To order a batch of notebooks, you need to send a letter with exact requirements to our mailbox or call us on the numbers listed on the site. After agreeing on the details, we will offer you a design or use the design of our customers. Ordering notebooks from us, you get high-quality products, and the price-quality ratio is sure to please you.

We are always glad to new clients who become permanent. Our company is always ready to cooperate with new customers and partners!


(093) 998-70-70, (068) 077-87-87

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