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Printing Invitations

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Printing Invitations

Printing invitations to order , at the best prices, offers our printing house. The times when we bought ready invitations in connection with the holding of any events and entered the necessary data into them were lost in the air. Modern printing houses, offer services for printing all kinds of invitations to order. The price of this product is not much higher than the cost of the readymade, printed invitation, which is not very bright and looks simple and unprepossessing.

Today you can come to the printing house, where according to the subject of the event, you will be printed an invitation for an individual, absolutely unique design. Such an invitation has an incredibly presentable and attractive appearance, and the guest will have more desire to attend the celebration. The peculiarity of printing invitations to an order is that you can use your own photos or logos, symbols, if it is an invitation to seminars, corporate parties, etc. In some cases, the invitation is an important marketing tool that helps to inform a certain number of people about holding an important event. Bright, stylish design and design at times enhance the image and marketing effect of the product.

For example, wedding invitations are increasingly popular, which are performed on an individual request of a young couple. Even such a small wedding attribute as an invitation is the first thing that is given to the guests and, having received a creative card, the guests will certainly want to become participants in such a celebration. During creation a design, do not limit yourself. Unleash imagination and paint all that you want to convey. As a rule, for wedding invitations, use photographs of the newlyweds, which makes the product purely individual. The form, format, colors, decorations, styling, can be completely made according to your wishes and preferences. At the request of the client, our qualified designers will develop and offer you their own stories, in which you can make your own adjustments.

Printing invitations on our own, high-tech equipment, which allows us to produce any printing matter in the shortest possible time. We offer digital printing, which allows you to quickly fulfill the order, and also has a high-quality of image transmission and economy. Digital printing allows you to fulfill orders from 1 item.

The cost of printing invitations is calculated on an individual basis in accordance with such indicators:

  • Size, format of the invitation
  • One-sided, two-sided printing
  • Design development
  • Circulation

Will be happy to fulfill your order!


(093) 998-70-70, (068) 077-87-87

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