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The wood is impregnated with special oil.

Size width - 33cm, length 33cm

1 pc. - 70 UAH.

1 sq. m. - 9 pieces. - 630 UAH.


Scope of application

  • pool area
  • terraces
  • verandas
  • arbour
  • recreation areas
  • the square near the house
  • tracks
  • temporary cover


Easy and quick installation

A tangible advantage in quick assembly and disassembly, replacement of modules due to simple fixing. Fits on a flat surface. Tiles are attached to each other with the help of a "spike-groove" connection. Tools and glue for assembly are not required. Easy to dismantle and can be reused.

Durability and ease of maintenance

Moisture-proof, durable, not deformed. Under all conditions of installation, the service life will be several tens of years. Additional maintenance parquet does not require washing with ordinary water. The material does not change in size it does not swell at high humidity and does not dry up when the temperature and the level of moisture in the air rise.

(067) 468-20-20

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