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Pellet fuels

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Pellet fuels

The company "Med" offers to buy fuel pellets of its own production at affordable prices. Pellets are fuel pellets that are made from woodworking waste (scraps, shavings, and sawdust) pressed at high pressure without adding glue. This type of fuel is used for furnaces and boilers.

Pellets are in the form of rods with a diameter of 6 to 8 mm. Emission of ash from the combustion of pellets is minimal.

Advantages of using pellets:

  • Affordable price;
  • Greater calorific value (approximately 1 kg pellets of calorific value will equal to 1.5 kg of firewood or diesel fuel);
  • Pellets are one of the safest fuels;
  • Have low humidity compared to conventional firewood;
  • Small size, high bulk density do not take up much storage space, easy to transport, allow automatic feeding into the boiler;
  • Pellets are environmentally friendly and renewable fuel;

We guarantee:

  • High-quality of finished products;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • Flexible system of discounts;
  • Affordable prices

You can order and buy pellets by calling the numbers on the website.


(067) 468-20-20,(067) 432-08-01, (067) 432-07-83

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