The firm "MED"
Private enterprise

About company

Our company has launched its activity in 1994. During years of activity the range of services has been constantly improving and enlarging. Nowadays, there are more than 8 areas of business, among them:

  • Plastic products;
  • Polyethylene products;
  • Garment manufacture;
  • Souvenir products;
  • Printing-house;
  • Wood ware;
  • Cabinet furniture manufacture;
  • Touristic sphere;

We are trying to satisfy all clients’ needs. Our production line is constantly expanding as the market policy dictates. Our specialists analyze current clients’ needs and demands in order to provide full range of services. Customer relationships are based on the “client-sales-manager approach” where each client works with a separate sales manager for total quality control. Manager’s responsibilities include transport, logistic, financial and communication issues.

Due to the favorable prices and high-quality our products are in constant demand. Company’s’ strategy assumes permanent production line expansion and the following developing of the most perspective business activities.

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