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polyethylene film

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polyethylene film

Polyethylene is one of the most popular types of packaging material, which is widely used in various fields and business spheres. Our company offers the production and sale of plastic film at the most favorable prices. For many years, we have been producing high quality packaging products made of high quality polyethylene. We take orders for any item presented on the web-site. Favorable terms and convenient payment system for the wholesale customers. Workshop premises are equipped with advanced modern equipment, which allows to produce a robust and reliable product.

We specialize in the manufacture of:

  • LDPE film;
  • HDPE film;
  • shrink (thermosetting) film;
  • composite film;

Types of plastic film produced by our company: sleeve, half-sleeve and a sheet.


  • sleeve - 150 -1500 mm
  • half-sleeve - 300 - 800 mm
  • canvas - 150 - 1400 mm
  • strength and thickness - from 10 to 200 microns

Polyethylene is produced in accordance with extrusion technique (HDPE and LDPE polyethylene high and low pressure). Various colorants are usually used as main additives that in its turn allow achieving film of different shades. Daily demand for polyethylene film is constantly increasing. The main reason for this popularity is growing popularity and demand for packaging products. In comparison with paper or plastic packaging, polyethylene bags and film have a number of unquestionable advantages, such as technical characteristics and price comparison. Nowadays packages of different types such as "T-shirt", "banana" and polythene bags are used in almost all trade areas. This film is suitable for food contact, thus the major customers of our company are still trading networks and the food industry. Due to its flexibility and affordable prices, polyethylene film is widely and successfully used in various areas such as:

  • construction industry (for warmth and waterproofing, with internal and external finishing works for the protection of the roof, foundations and other structures and building materials);
  • agriculture (for sealing, packaging, cover greenhouses for Land Reclamation);
  • trade and production (for packing pallets, pieces and weight of products).

Advantages of polyethylene film:

  • strength
  • heat and waterproofing properties
  • protects the covered items from external influences
  • ease of transportation and storage
  • aesthetic appearance
  • Eco product
  • visual inspection of items under the film

(067) 468-20-20, (067) 395-41-88

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