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package "banana"

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package "banana"

Banana type package is a branded kind of bag which is in great demand due to its high specifications and presentable appearance. Banana bags are hardly deformable and have a high level of safety which allows using them during long period of time.

Banana bag is a popular package type that is convenient and practical to use. But where does this original name “banana” come from? The story of the bag starts in 80s, at times when polythene sphere produced bags with handles that reminded banana. Thus the name deposited in the memory, and nowadays it represents a full name item. In comparison with other bag types, banana is a practical and simple solution at the most favorable price.

Package "banana" is widely used in various retail chains and manufacturers as an additional effective advertising. Convenient form, regardless of the size is convenient for overprint. Various logos and images can be rendered on the surface of the bag. Banana bag is particularly justified in the field of light industry products and stationery. For example, products such as files, folders, paper and plenty of other items, evenly occupy package interior.

Our company produces a high quality, durable and reliable product at the most favorable prices. Our workshop premises are equipped with modern advanced equipment, which allows fulfilling orders of various levels of difficulty, regardless of the total circulation. We use only high quality raw materials and colorants that make them available for food products. Our polythene products meet all required standards and approved with Quality certificates and licenses. Capacity available from different country regions.

Our products distinguish among others with its high technical specifications and parameters such as, good load capacity, durability and presentable appearance that make our packages suitable for daily, practical use. Banana bag is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). As far as bag handle is taken into consideration, there may be a various compositions mixture in order to make more reliable product. We accept orders for manufacturing of packages of different shapes, colors and sizes, with or without side folds. Due to the bottom laying package size may vary. .

maximum dimensions are:

  • width - 700 mm
  • length – 800 mm
  • thickness – 0,070 mm

Additional service – logo/image overprint. Up to 6 colors simultaneously. Order value is calculated on the basis of the following units:

  • Circulation
  • Manufacturing complexity
  • Package size and density
  • Number of colors applied
  • one-side/two-side print

All package parameters (size, color, design) are selected in accordance with customer’s requirements. We produce only high quality product at the most favorable prices.

(067) 468-20-20, (067) 395-41-88

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