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Stationery wholesale is bought mainly by enterprises and companies for their own needs, as well as retail fulfillment services. But before the school year begins, parents of pupils and students are also looking for shops and retail outlets, which can be advantageous to purchase office supplies in bulk. This is not surprising, buying stationery, you can save considerably. But not always justify the wholesale price of product quality. Therefore, choosing a company that realizes the stationery, you must carefully examine not only the number of product mix and the offered price, but ask the seller of the stock certificates of quality and hygiene certificates. Buying office supplies in bulk, do not chase the bright labels of cheap goods of poor quality, containing hazardous materials and dyes. Remember: health is much more important than benefits of illusory purchase.

Manufacturer SPE firm "MED"

In Vinnitsa buying office supplies wholesale is offered by many firms, but it is the firm «MED» that sells office stationery and school supplies of its own production. All products are made of high quality and safe materials, and has appropriate sanitary-hygienic conclusions.Due to the wide range and an attractive price for the products, office supplies wholesale from the company's «MED» are very popular among our inhabitants.

(067) 468-20-20,(067) 432-08-01, (067) 432-07-83

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