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Plastic castors fitted with a lid that hermetically seals the product, located within the cruets. Thus, to prevent the ingress of air inside, leakage of liquid from the outside. With reliable fastening the main body and lid, they can be used for both the second and for the first courses.

Company «Med» offers plastic castors in the range:

  • set of castors 3 pc. x 2L ;
  • set of castors 3 pc. x 1L;
  • set of cruets 2 pc. x 1l, 1x0, 5.

They are made from environmentally friendly, safe for the health of raw materials (polypropylene and polystyrene). Plasticizers and fillers included in their composition, give the product strength, elasticity and flexibility, and resistance to low and high temperature, microwave-waves in a microwave oven, etc.

Plastic castors, like other plastic production of private enterprise "MED”, have all the necessary sanitary permits and a passport quality.

(067) 468-20-20,(067) 432-08-01, (067) 432-07-83

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