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Plastic buckets have now become an essential subject in many spheres of human activity.

Plastic buckets are used to transport and storage various food products, as well as liquid and dry substances used in agriculture and household, etc.
Company «MED» offers  a wide assortment of plastic buckets, differing from each other in:

  • shape;
  • volume (from 5 liters to 15 liters);
  • color;

Using high-quality, environmentally friendly raw materials allow to produce plastic buckets, suitable and safe for storage and transportation of food products (dairy products group, fish, meat, sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup, etc.). Contemporary design, equipment handles, plastic buckets and lids extend their use.

Plastic buckets, like the rest of the products produced by «MED», meet hygienic requirements, have all the necessary permits and certificates confirming their quality.

(067) 468-20-20,(067) 432-08-01, (067) 432-07-83

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