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T-shirts with Logo

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T-shirts with logo, company logo, or prints are not just a piece of everyday clothes. Nowadays it is one of the most popular and essential attributes of corporate ethics, which help to emphasize corporate’s identity, and further company positioning as a serious and reliable partner.

T-shirts with logos are widely used as a uniform for waiters, sale-assistants of various trade chain stores, boutiques, etc. This is primarily a practical, comfortable and stylish clothing option that does not restrict employee’s movements, and helps to emphasize the figure benefits and to hide flaws at the same time. Our company is one of the leading t-Shirts printing organisation that provide a full range of services for its clients. We offer a wide T-shirt assortment where you can pick them in accordance with necessary colors , sizes and of course design issues.

Create your own design. Our professional design team can create an exclusive project for you, recreate a logo or start from scratch and help you brand your company! We offer full design services for logos, items for screen printing and embroidery. Your any idea can be put into practice. We take your t-shirt printing design ideas and turn them into customized t-shirts for your business organization, company, café, teams, school or club. Any item, logo or image can be printed on your T-shirt.

Our company offers production of T-shirts with the logo of various types:

  • Corporate T-shirts
  • Customized T-shirts
  • Sports T-shirts

Firstly, while creating corporate t-shirts, brand colors are taken into consideration. If you already have ready-made digitized logo we will transfer it onto the surface of an item. We may also add some additional elements or images that will give the product a complete and exclusive look. The waiters and shop assistants dressed in similar clothing, will not only look stylish, but will also fit with the interior design.

Sports T-shirts is a separate type of product, which is primarily suitable to athletes, football teams, basketball, baseball etc. Sport shirts are more profitable and practical to use for drawing all kinds of logos and corporate symbols. It is mandatory to apply the team name, player's name, well, corporate logo and the logo of the sponsor. For the logo application we use two ways: machine embroidery and silk-screen printing. Our company offers machine embroidery up to 12 colors simultaneously. Embroidery is suitable for all types of textiles, and it has a presentable appearance on the product for a long time and retains its original appearance, quietly soaking numerous washing.

Customized T-shirts is a great opportunity to make an original and practical gift to your family, friends, relatives, at the same time necessary. No need to limit yourself, take an opportunity and bring the most daring idea into life. Offer printing prints, labels, images, drawings, and full-color images, such as photographs. T-shirt is very popular and versatile article of clothing, because we can wear them to work, for a walk, for parties etc.

Рromotional Items: (063) 066-47-47

Silk-screen printing: (097) 990-76-40

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