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Рromotional Items: (063) 066-47-47

Silk-screen printing: (097) 990-76-40

Our company has many years of experience in the development and manufacture of keychain.

The own modern equipment allows you to produce goods in various print runs in the shortest possible time.

We accept orders for printing products both on ready-made client sketches, and we offer the development of new unique designs and original layouts of the future project. When developing the sketch, all the preferences and wishes of the client are taken into account, which is the guarantee and guarantee of successful cooperation of both parties. The product produced by our company is a good example of the "price-quality" ratio. The available cost of the order is explained by the availability of all necessary material and raw materials.

Keychain is one of the most popular types of promotional products, which are often used as symbolic gifts for various exhibitions, promotions and so on. The popularity of this type of souvenir products lies in the practicality of their use, as well as the affordable price of their manufacture. As a rule, key chains and badges are customs made on individual projects, in order to emphasize the corporate style of the company and its logo.

The modern dynamic rhythm of life dictates its own rules. So, for example, you need to prepare for business negotiations or a seminar in which a fairly large number of people take part. For such events, the availability of such an attribute as a key chain is very important. Participants will be initially acquainted with your organization and the nature of its activities, and at the same time will receive a small symbolic souvenir for memory.

Of course, you can spend time looking for a suitable key chain, but the likelihood that you will not find exactly what you need, but also in the right amount is very large. Thus, why spend precious time on meaningless searches and instead not turn to a company that is seriously and professionally engaged in the production of various promotional and souvenir products. Our specialists will prepare the necessary souvenir accessories for you in accordance with all your requirements and preferences and in the right amount.

A practical and convenient to use keychain is always nice to receive as a symbolic presentation, as this subject, with ease there is a place and application in everyday life.

For all additional questions or for information, please contact our managers at the mentioned below phone numbers.

Рromotional Items: (063) 066-47-47

Silk-screen printing: (097) 990-76-40

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