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Our company specializes in the manufacture of customized puzzles.

Puzzles are an interesting way of spending time, which people of different ages like. Folding puzzles develops attention, and also develops patience and perseverance. Previously, we were satisfied with only the products that were brought and sold stores. Now we can order a puzzle with any image that the customer will provide.

Printing on puzzles is made on the basis of our site of souvenirs. The main material for making puzzles is a cardboard of various sizes. Our designers offer a puzzle design that will be made in the shape of a heart. Such puzzles are popular before Valentine's Day. We offer you three main formats in which this product is manufactured:

Manufacturing of puzzles is made on the order of the client and in the quantity necessary for the client. Puzzles are made by sublimation on the cardboard of the desired format. The main requirement for images to be printed on the puzzle sheet is the quality of the picture and its clarity. You should also pay attention to whether there is a picture of large areas of one tone without small details, and also whether it will actually collect the puzzle.

Making puzzles for children is often ordered on the eve of holidays or children's birthdays. On puzzles for children, the pictures from favorite cartoon films, favorite heroes of children's films and fairy tales are put. For children, these products are recommended for use in the development of fine motor skills, thinking, logic, attention.

For questions about ordering puzzles of various subjects, please contact the experts at the site of souvenirs, which can acquaint you with the range of services provided and current prices.

You will be satisfied with the price, quality, and speed of ordering.

We are waiting for your orders!

Рromotional Items: (063) 066-47-47

Silk-screen printing: (097) 990-76-40

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