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Desk-mounted flags

Рromotional Items: (063) 066-47-47

Silk-screen printing: (097) 990-76-40

Our company offers the manufacture of desktop flags to order.

For many years we specialize in the production of various advertising and souvenir products, including badges, key chains, pens, which can also be useful in carrying out similar events.

Desk-mounted flags are attractive and bright souvenirs, which are widely used in the corporate atmosphere, especially for the design of reception rooms, conference rooms and other premises for holding any seminars, negotiations, etc. Table flags in the context of this subject, not only create a special business atmosphere but also are a sign of respect for partners, guests and negotiators.

As ca rule, for manufacturing desktop flags use materials such as:

  • gabardine - matte, thick fabric
  • satin- a durable fabric with a glossy surface
  • man-made silk - a thin fabric, with a moderate matte surface

As for the size of the flags, there are standard formats, such as 10x20 cm, 12x24 cm, 15x23 cm, and they can be made in any size you need. We also offer the service of applying images to the flags. This can be as corporate symbols, logo, slogan, and any other format of the picture.

We offer a wide range of services and affordable prices. The presence of all the necessary modern equipment allows you to perform work of any complexity level in a short time.

If you need to prepare for a large-scale event, or competently organize a business meeting or negotiations, we will gladly help you with this.


Рromotional Items: (063) 066-47-47

Silk-screen printing: (097) 990-76-40

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