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Silk-screen printing, pad printing

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Our company offers clients the services of silkscreen printing on textile products.

Availability of necessary modern equipment helps to perform a wide range of services in a short time. We offer high-quality work and the most reasonable prices.

Silk-screen printing , or as it is also called screen printing, or serigraphy is a method of applying various images, logos, symbols and inscriptions to textiles. For this method of application, special paints and varnishes are used, which are also widely used for imaging on children's things, as a result, you get a bright, object that attracts with its appearance and clarity of drawing the image. Ordinary T-shirt become more original and brighter.

Silk-screen printing is used for applying images to such types of products:

  • Bandanas, baseball caps
  • T-shirts
  • Windbreakers
  • Aprons
  • Bathrobes
  • A special form, uniform, etc.

The image is created by passing, or rather, pushing the paint through a stencil created from a special material, with small cells.

Advantages and possibilities of silk-screen printing:

  • Application of layers of different thicknesses to the material. This layer is several times denser than in offset printing, which in turn allows paint to be more intensively transferred to the material. The use of coating colors makes it possible to preserve the desired color, that is, the original color - blue remains blue, and not transferred to a product with a purple hue.
  • Silk screening allows you to create a deeper effect of saturation and shine due to the increased thickness of the layers.
  • Allows you to cover the material, the thickness of which exceeds tens of millimeters
  • A silk screen is used in cases where it is necessary to apply an image to flexible or deformable materials, such as for example, polyethylene.
  • Allows you to apply images to already finished products. You do not have to worry about the safety and integrity of the T-shirt, baseball cap, etc. The appearance of the product will not damage it will acquire a more presentable appearance.

One of the key advantages of silk-screen printing is the cost-effectiveness of using this method of application.

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Рromotional Items: (063) 066-47-47

Silk-screen printing: (097) 990-76-40

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