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Bathrobe or house coat is a comfortable robe that is suitable and comfortable clothes at home. Bathrobes are usually made of toweling or any other absorbent textile. These dressing gowns may be donned after shower, serving both as a garment and a towel. A house coat is an open-fronted, loose gown with a fabric belt that is put on overnight wear after rising from bed. Our company is specialized in bathrobe manufacture. We are offering our customers various house gown designs made of numerous materials depending on it’s destine.

We use only high quality natural material. We are specialized in manufacture of various robes designed such as: luxury bathrobes, hooded bathrobes, classic bathrobes, full-length bathrobes, SPA bathrobes etc. You may order both male or female bathrobes and kid’s gowns as well. Our product models are very attractive and comfortable to wear. Pleasant colors, classic designs and various styles. For many years people have been wearing bathrobes as it is enormously comfortable. The loose model does not limit your moves.

Bathrobes may be also classified as summer/winter gowns. Each model implies various materials and textures. Bathrobe may be a pleasant gift to any of your friends or family. Our bathrobes differ from the rest due to several reasons:

  • Our fabric is based on natural cotton
  • We use totally harmless dying stuff in dying process. In the sizing and fixing process minimal force is applied to stretch the fabric. This insures the shrinkage of the fabric is kept at minimum.
  • Weaving is done on new looms. Every fabric process is highly controlled.
  • The cutting process is performed on fully automatic advanced machines. Thus, establishing (constant) standard in bathrobe measurements.
  • Within minutes of purchasing your bathrobe, our vast team prepares your order. We will create any item you like. Our qualified staff is ready to create exclusive clothes for our customers.

Fell free to contact us in case you have questions concerning manufacture process or production line. Our sales-manager will provide with all necessary information.


(096) 807-08-08

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