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Head-dress is a term that is common to a dozen different types of head coverings. As a rule, people wear hats with different purposes. Someone tries to emphasize their image, someone is trying to supplement it. Some prefer a sporty style, so they complement their image with a cap or baseball cap.

Headdresses are common both among men and women. The versatility of this term, allows you to wear headwear, depending on the event and goals. The firm "Med" offers to tailor, making and selling headdresses. Among the offered assortment:

  • Headdresses for medical workers
  • Headdresses for sellers
  • Headdresses for waiters
  • Headdresses for workers (addition to special form, uniform)
  • Caps, baseball caps
  • Headbands
  • Caps for the bath

We have all the necessary equipment and resources that allow us to perform a wide range of services. Our qualified specialists will produce for you a product of high-quality, in a short time. We offer our customers the most favorable prices, convenient payment system and discounts. There are special offers for wholesale buyers.

To ensure that the uniform or special form of the worker, the sales consultant, the doctor and so on, had a completed look, the headdress is the ideal option. Do not forget that, headdress plays not only aesthetic but most importantly is a practical role. In order to prevent hair from interfering with work, do not distract - bandages, caps, advertising hats an excellent way to solve such problems. Girls sales consultants or any other service personnel has a more presentable and memorable appearance if they are dressed in a uniform that consists not only of an apron, or a dressing gown but also a headdress including.

Medical workers, like no one, understands the value of a comfortable head-dress. This applies equally to pharmacists, therapists, nurses, surgeons, and doctors. In this profession, the presence of a cap is a prerequisite for work, as there should be no chance of getting a hair on the patient, especially with open wounds and injuries. And also, the doctor in no case should be distracted by the fact that the hair can make up the discomfort. Much also depends on the quality of the head-dress itself. Special requirements are put forward to it, therefore medical caps should be comfortable, practical and made of natural material, which will allow to "breathe".

Our company provides a wide range of services, we will perform tailoring of headwear of various levels of complexity, according to individual orders. For additional information or for any other questions, please contact our managers.

(096) 807-08-08

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