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Bed linen is one of the basic necessities, on the quality of which our sleep and our health depend. Bed linen was once produced from natural flax, which betrayed the strength and durability of the product. The negative feature of this material was its stiffness and heaviness when washing. Now used a variety of fabrics for sewing bed sets. We purchase only high-quality products of domestic manufacturers for sewing bed sets.

Our company makes bed linen in different sizes and styles. We made both traditional sizes and sets, fitted to the European standard. The sewing department of our company produces sets of linen from three main types of fabric: coarse calico, satin, and calico. High-quality material allows you to make a strong and durable bed, which you can use for a long time.

Bed linen made by our sewing workshop can be divided into four main types in size: 150 cm by 215 cm, 160 cm by 215 cm, 180 cm by 215 cm and 200 cm by 215 cm. The latter variant corresponds to European bed linen standards. Sets can be either one colour or with a variety of designs, made in different color variants.

In addition to bed sets for adults, we produce batches of products for children with bright patterns that attract their attention. Our company made bed linens for a bed for one person, as well as double sets for a large bed and two pillows. We produce lots of goods for a wide range of our customers, we also deal with the custom tailoring of linen.

Our clients can be owners of hotels, rest homes, and boarding houses, for which we will sew underwear on an individual order. In addition to tailoring, we offer services for drawing a picture of the finished product. This can be done in several ways, but the most reliable of them is embroidery. Bed linen with embroidery can be made in Ukrainian style, or modern embroidery can be applied to finished products. Our customers can offer their options for the image being displayed.

When applying the image to bedding, you should take into account its location, the area of ​​the picture and its color. There are certain technical requirements for such drawings, for which you need to adjust ready-made designs. If you want to purchase several sets, please contact our company's outlets. If you are interested in wholesale supplies of bed-clothes or making it order, please call the numbers on the website.

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(096) 807-08-08

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