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Tailoring shirts

Tailoring shirts - is a complex and laborious process, because shirt is one of the main subjects of every men's wardrobe. Women's shirts are a bit less popular type of clothing. Recently, more and more members of the fairer sex prefer the original shirt that blends perfectly well with jeans, suit, shorts and skirts.

Shirts that are made-to-sew are quite different from those that can be bought in any store. Bespoke shirt designed to trifles, impeccably tailored to the client’s shape while hiding its flaws and emphasizing its dignity. In this shirt everything is perfect: the fabrics, the design, the cuff and its color.

Sewing workshop based by our company offers sewing services of various kinds of shirts on the individual project. The presence of a wide range of textiles, high-tech automated equipment allows creating different types of jobs. An additional service is application of machine embroidery on shirts (up to 12 colors at once). We accept orders for tailoring of bulk products. Order value is calculated individually.

Our company offers its customers a wide choice of high quality sewing shirts of various types:

  • polo;
  • Dress Shirt, etc.
  • shirt with logo
  • shirt with embroidery
  • shirt uniforms / clothing

Polo - shirt, which is usually used for recreation and sports has become extremely popular in recent years. This type of shirt has gone from the category of sports apparel into the daily shirt. By design, Polo is a classic model with two or three buttons and a collar "in the gum" and short sleeves with cuffs. These shirts are simple and elegant at the same time and they are absolutely appropriate in any situation. Today, polo is the most popular and inexpensive corporate uniform, which serves as additional advertising venues.

The Hawaiian shirt - its summer, bright colors with floral patterns, short-sleeved shirt are mainly used during vacation time being a vivid and lucid symbol of the holiday and good mood. As a rule, Hawaiian shirts are sewn from fine fabrics. The cut these shirts come in two types: the beach and the resort. First a looser silhouette - they are usually worn on the beach or cottage. Holiday slightly form-fitting Hawaiian shirts, they look appropriate in any informal setting.

The classic shirt is a great option for everyday or office wardrobe options. This shirt may vary in different colors.

(096) 807-08-08

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