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Ukrainian culture and traditions are one of the most brightest and unique in the whole world. Ukrainians are extremely talented nations with exquisite taste of sense. Thus it has become the vast reason for a omnidirectional-reflected culture. Its delicate psyche, rich and saturated history have made its impact on Ukrainian culture, religion, moral and ethical believes. Beauty, elegance and picturesque figurativeness are the key elements that characterize Ukrainian folk craft.

A special place belongs to traditional Ukrainian vyshivanka that is enormously popular not only among Ukrainians but far beyond our country. The above is also actual for Ukrainian expect community, European and CIS states as well. Modern vyshyvanka is a bit transformed version of original model. But this fact does not reduce or eliminate its beauty or distinctiveness. The exact date of origin for vishyvanka is unknown but its rooted at times when our ancient ancestors were pegans. At those times vyshyvanka was a powerful safety component that defended and protected its owner. This type of traditional shirts was dedicated to every special occasion. Embroidering clothes for their children, mothers put all their tenderness and prayer to God for safety of dear children. Ukrainian served not only as a decoration and talisman but also as a kind of document by which it was possible to determine the location from which the owner of the was origin from. The difference in color and figures were different.

Our company is specialized in vushyvanka making and we are ready to produce any kind of modern traditional shirt model for men, women and kids. For the past few years one observes a constantly growing tendency for traditional Ukrainian vyshyvanka. Our experience and portfolio performance is the best evidence of high-quality products and large client’s base. The competition bases of our company is concentrated on the production of vyshyvanka. Due to qualified specialists and automatic equipment we are ready to produce any type of model irrelevant of difficulty level. Machine embroidery allows creating spectacular figures and patterns. Up to 12 colors simultaneously. Our designers will create an exclusive project in accordance with client’s preferences and demands.

We use only natural textile for vyshyvanka production such as linen. The product price depends on:

  • Project making
  • Textile (quality and quantity)
  • The total sum of stitches applied on the shirt

(096) 807-08-08

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